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White Heaven

BE-005/011 LP w/ DL

V.A. - Tokyo Flashback

Psychedelic Speed Freaks
BE-1001 / 4LP w/ DL

Makoto Kawashima

Homo Sacer
BE-006/0211 / LP w/ DL

V.A. - Tokyo Flashback

Tokyo Flashback I

You Ishihara

Formula (Zelone, Japan)
zel-021 LP / zel-022 CD

Acid Mothers Temple

Acid Mothers Temple S/T First Album
BE-009/93 / 2LP w/ DL


A Journey
BE-005/53 / 2LP w/ DL

Keiji Haino

Watashi Dake?
BE-000/000 / LP w/ DL

Go Hirano

Corridor of Daylights
BE-008/157 LP w/ DL

Psychedelic Speed Freaks

Psychedelic Speed Freaks
BE-1003 / LP

High Rise

BE-002/002 / LP w/ DL

Black Editions is dedicated to producing definitive vinyl editions of the legendary P.S.F. Records catalog from Japan.

Black Editions has also begun to produce new works by artists related to P.S.F. as well as albums that bring further light to important music from the world of underground Japanese music.

In 2019 Black Editions entered agreement with the Japanese Jinya label to produce new editions of released and unreleased works by Masayuki Takayanagi a pioneering figure in the worlds of jazz, free improvisation, noise and avant garde music.