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A1 Snow

A2 H.L.

A3 Silver Current

A4 Paper Beach

B1 Behind the Locked Door

B2 The Way We Were

B3 Coloured Mind Drops

B4 Mandy Blue


You Ishihara: Vocal
Soichiro Nakamura: Guitar, Mellotron (B-4)
Koji Shimura: Bass
Ken Ishihara: Drums


White Heaven

Strange Bedfellow

Deluxe LP Edition

Heavy tip-on jacket with ink pigment foil stamping, metallic spot colors, contrasting gloss film laminate and matte satin finishes. Includes new full color folding insert. Pressed to high quality vinyl at RTI.

Release Date: January 20, 2023 / LP - $22

White Heaven’s second album, Strange Bedfellow, is one of the great unsung albums of the 90’s Japanese underground. Released two years after their striking debut, Out, the album reveals the group shifting to a more dynamic and finely honed sound. You Ishihara’s songwriting & arrangements take center stage, leading the group to transmute classic west coast psychedelia and garage into a thrillingly direct collection of songs that span from fuzz drenched, driving rockers to smoldering numbers that fade into the night... Only ever available in an edition of 700 LP’s released in 1993 by PSF Japan, Black Editions is pleased to present Strange Bedfellow, newly remastered in this deluxe edition.


Recorded at Inter Music Sudio, Tokyo October 1992
Remastered at Peace Music Studio, 2020 by Soichiro Nakamura
Originally released by P.S.F Records, Japan 1993 in an LP Edition of 700.

All Songs written by You Ishihara
except A-2, A-4 by You Ishihara/Tetsuya Sakamoto

Produced by You Ishihara
Engineer: Soichiro Nakamura
Assistant Engineer: Koji Shimura
Master Engineer: Hiromi Takase (Kojima Recording)

Vinyl Mastering: Chris Bellman (Bernie Grundman Mastering)
Cover Photo by Masanori Ohtani

Black Editions Executive Producer: Peter Kolovos

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