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Side A: Improvisation
Side B: Improvisation, 赤蜻蛉 (Red Dragonfly)




Makoto Kawashima – Saxophone
Recorded at Ogose Yamanekoken
Front Cover Photogaphy by Minami Tatsuo
Back cover by Noguchi Rie
Design by Age and SEEN
Mastered by Elysian Masters
Produced by Hideo Ikeezumi
Originally releases by P.S.F. Records on CD in 2015, PSFD-21


Makoto Kawashima

Homo Sacer

Deluxe LP w/ Download

Housed in a heavy tip-on jacket featuring metallic printing and gloss film-laminate finish. Pressed to high quality vinyl at RTI.


SKU: BE-006/211, LP- $20

Black Editions is proud to present the first-ever vinyl edition of Homo Sacer, Japanese saxophonist Makoto Kawashima's debut album and the final release by the legendary P.S.F. Records.
Though he has played the saxophone for just over 10 years, Makoto Kawashima has emerged as one of the most original improvisers in a new generation of Japanese players. His releases on his own Homosacer label as well as on this, his debut reveal a haunting and impassioned style of playing.
"Homo Sacer -- Sacred Human. Kawashima's sax is ripe with the spirit of Japanese free jazz, dwelling as it does between the violent and the beautiful. Kaoru Abe, Masayoshi Urabe, Takayuki Hashimoto, Harutaka Mochizuki... all of these altoists live in an area of personal expression rare in the world, one that feels like the body itself is being whittled away at. It feels like we have a new genius to add to that list." --Hideaki Kondo, from the Japanese liner notes

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