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Side A

1. Cycle Goddess
2. Turn You Cry
3. Cotton Top
4. Last Rites


Side B

5. Wipe Out
6. Pop Sicle


Digital Bonus Tracks:

7. Monster A Go Go (1993 CD Bonus Track)
8. Induced Depression (1993 CD Bonus Track) 


Bass, Vocals – Asahito Nanjo 
Guitar – Munehiro Narita 
Drums – Dr. Euro 

Words by Asahito Nanjo 
Music by High Rise 

Recording Engineer – Kazuteru Hama 
Mixed By – Asahito Nanjo 
Produced by – Asahito Nanjo 

Executive Producer – Hideo Ikeezumi 

Additional mastering by Timothy Stollenwerk at Sterophonic Mastering, Portland Oregon, Vinyl mastering by Phillip Rodriguez at Infrasonic Sound, Los Angeles, California 

Originally released in 1986 on LP (PSF-2) and 1993 on CD (PSFD-2) by P.S.F. Records, Tokyo. This edition transferred from original master tapes and mixed in 2017 by Asahito Nanjo.


High Rise

High Rise II

Deluxe LP w/ Download

Housed in heavy jacket with textured black paper and metallic silver ink,

Insert with unreleased band photographs included.

SKU: BE-002/002,  LP- $20

High Rise exploded onto Tokyo’s underground music scene with the roar and reckless abandon of a motorcycle accelerating headlong into a dead man’s curve. Born from the explosive chemistry of bassist/vocalist Asahito Nanjoand frenetic guitarist Munehiro Narita, the band blazed a wild new stream of psychedelic guitar music. Their second album High Rise II is a defining document of the band and unquestionably one of the greatest albums to emerge from 20th century underground Japan and beyond. With Nanjo’s distorted thunder bass and Narita’s wildly narrative lead guitar playing, High Rise II is a non-stop tour de force of improvised rock music. Combining elements of garage rock, punk and no wave, the band pushed all levels fully in-the-red and transcended the limits of rock and psychedelia to create a raw, unique expansion of the music.
Black Editions is proud to present High Rise II, newly mixed and mastered by Asahito Nanjo in what the band states is the definitive version of their most quintessential recording. Housed in heavy Stoughton tip-on jackets this new edition restores the original vinyl version’s textured black and silver artwork. Insert with unreleased band photographs included. Pressed onto high quality vinyl by RTI.

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