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Peter Brötzmann - B-flat Clarinet, Tárogató, Tenor Saxophone

Keiji Haino - Electric Guitar, Drum Kit, Percussion, Voice

LP 1

Begging your pardon,    Master Sokushinbutsu

You have    sacrificed your body for us

But things continue to worsen

LP 2

The beginning or the end

which will be the first to admit its opponent?

A landscape never glimpsed before

is on the verge of manifestation

LP 3

The intellect given birth to here (existence)

is too young

LP 4

The wound that lapses into this world

can sometimes be bigger

than the wound that was dropped here


LP 1 & 2 recorded August 4, 2018 (Zebulon, Los Angeles, CA.)

LP 3 & 4 recorded August 8, 2018 (The Chapel, San Francisco, CA)

Recorded and mixed by Toshi Kasai (LP 1 & 2) and Eric Bauer (LP 3 & 4)

Mastering by Elysian Masters, Los Angeles, CA

Design by Takuya Kitamura

Translation by Alan Cummings

Executive Producer - Peter Kolovos

Performances produced by Michael Ehlers and Peter Kolovos


Peter Brötzmann / Keiji Haino Duo
The intellect given birth to here (existence)
is too young

Limited Deluxe 4LP Box Set with Art Prints
Heavy custom tip-on box with pure black uncoated paper throughout and stamped black ink pigment frame. Mounted white paper insets printed with metallic silver foil. Nine full size inserts including 8 full color art prints by the artists.

RELEASE DATE: September 12, 2022

SKU: BE-1005/PT006, 2LP- $100, BE-1005/PT006 + BE-1002 - $115

Also Available: Deluxe 4LP Box + 3" CD (BE-1002, 2018) $115. 

Brötzmann / Haino Duo release created strictly for audience members who had purchased tickets for cancelled and rescheduled 2018 performance at The Chapel, San Francisco, CA. Features exclusive artwork by Peter Brötzmann. Never before commercially available. Limited copies offered now. Purchase below.

“It’s common for these musicians to be labelled muscular (and other testosterone-laden terms), but it is perhaps more fitting to register them with the female archetype Kali, who enacts destruction in order to make way for new life. As we embark on a new century amidst socio-political upheaval, the Brötzmann/Haino duo feels like an artistic expression of the moment we are living in and experiencing every day.” 

- Philip Greenlief “Ode to Destruction", ART FORUM, August 2018

on Peter Brötzmann / Keiji Haino Duo at the Chapel, San Francisco 

The first music on record by the iconic free music duo of Peter Brötzmann & Keiji Haino since 1996. Two complete performances recorded in Los Angeles and San Francisco in the summer of 2018. The intellect given birth to here (existence)     is too young  presents the artists traversing a sprawling range of sound and modalities to achieve a stunning alchemy that can't be replicated. Both Brötzmann and Haino have spent their lives creating music that defies easy categorizations- phrases such as "free jazz/improvisation", "rock" or "avant garde" seem to only scratch at the surface. What can be said is their works have a nearly unmatched intensity and restless spirit- always uncompromising and only fully understood in their own unique terms. When performing together, the two push each other to entirely new and alien territories.


Keiji Haino's Purple Trap imprint and Black Editions are proud to present perhaps the defining work of their decades-long collaboration. Presented in a deluxe 4LP boxed set edition of 800 including full size, full color art prints by both artists. 

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