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Black Editions is proud to present a monumental 4LP collection of 22 exclusive tracks by 22 of the most important artists to emerge from the Japanese underground over the last 40 years. Directed by Ghost's Masaki Batoh and produced in tribute to the late Hideo Ikeezumi, founder of P.S.F. Records, the Modern Music record store and G-Modern Magazine.


Deluxe triple gatefold, heavy tip-on edition with metallic inks and spot finishes. Includes printed inner sleeves. Pressed to high quality vinyl at RTI; Digital download included.

Few label founders loom as large in the history of underground music as P.S.F Record's Hideo Ikeezumi. Over three decades and more than 200 titles, Ikeezumi's intensely critical ear guided and assembled a body of music that transcended genre; he exclusively championed artists that were uncompromising in their visions, unconcerned with trends or commercial success. This four-LP compilation, selected by Ghost's Masaki Batoh, is a primer of Ikeezumi's curation: a kaleidoscopic collection of previously unreleased gems from the Japanese underground. Running the full stylistic gamut from the hushed tones of Kim Doo Soo and Go Hirano to the psychedelic rock splendor of Overhang Party and High Rise this set connects the dots between generations and movements, all linked by the common thread of Ikeezumi's panoramic musical vision. The most original voices in the avant garde, psychedelia, folk, free jazz, and rock all found a home with P.S.F. Records.


Featuring exclusive music from Fushitsusha, Ghost, Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O., Keiji Haino, Kazuo Imai, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, .es, á qui avec Gabriel, Shizuka, Masayoshi Urabe, Ché-SHIZU, White Heaven, Keiko Higuchi, Reizen, Makoto Kawashima, Niseaporia, Hasegawa-Shizuo, and Hideaki Kondo.


Includes essays by Masaki Batoh and Alan Cummings along with artist profiles, all in English and Japanese.


Modern Music Edition comes housed in a custom two-sided bag featuring the original Modern Music store’s bag design and the G-Modern magazine logo on the reverse. Reusable, Non-Woven GSM fabric.


Released April 12, 2019

Directed by Masaki Batoh
Edited by Yoshiaki Kondo (GOK Sound)
Mastered by Kazuo Ogino
Vinyl Mastering by John Golden
Designed by Takuya Kitamura
Translation and Notes by Alan Cummings

Tokyo Flashback P.S.F. – Psychedelic Speed Freaks Various Artists 4LP

  • Artist and Track Listing

    Side A
    1.Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. “Pink Lady Lemonade”
    2.Kazuo Imai “Delay 160715”

    Side B
    3.Maher Shalal Hash Baz “ikeezumi-san” “Akatsuki No Uta”

    Side C
    5.Kim Doo Soo “Wild Flower”
    6.Keiji Haino “Tozakariwashinai”
    7.Overhang Party “Now Appearing! Naked Existence”

    Side D
    8.á qui avec Gabriel “has come”
    9.Shizuka “Lunatic Pearl”
    10.Masayoshi Urabe “Alto Saxophone Solo”

    Side E
    11.High Rise “Outside Gentiles”
    12.Ché-SHIZU “Emperor”, “Notify”
    13.Fushitsusha “Omae”

    Side F
    14.White Heaven “Out”
    15.Keiko Higuchi “Nothing Is Real 002”
    16.Reizen “Untitled”

    Side G
    17.Makoto Kawashima “Madokarano Kagayaki”
    18.Niseaporia “Sora No Ao Ni Somazu Utau”
    19.Ghost “Blue Link”

    Side H
    20.Go Hirano “For Rains”
    21.Hasegawa-Shizuo “Low Blues”
    22.Hideaki Kondo “Bach: Sonata #1 In G Minor For Solo Violin, BWV 1001 – 1. Adagio”

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