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Masayuki Takayanagi: Electric Guitar

Kenji Mori: Alto Saxophone, Flute, Recorder

Nobuyoshi Ino: Electric Bass

Hiroshi Yamazaki: Drums, Percussion

Side A: First Session 1 & 2 (Gradually Projection)
Side B: Second Session (Mass Projection)


Recorded in Tokyo, March 14, 1975

Engineer: Mikio Aoki
Cover Photographs and Design by Kazuharu Fujitani
Gatefold Photograph by Tatsuo Minami

Insert Notes by Yasunori Saito

Produced by Satoru Obara, Yoshiaki Kamei, Nihon Gendai Jazz Ongaku Kenkyukai
Black Edition produced by Peter Kolovos

Originally released in an edition of 100 by ISKRA Records, Japan in 1975.

Black Edition remastered from the original master tapes by Dave Cooley, Elysian Masters and produced by Peter Kolovos.




Masayuki Takayanagi
and New Direction Unit



Deluxe heavy tip-on gatefold LP w/ matte black paper, second tipped-on metallic gold wrap and insert

RELEASE DATE: April 18, 2022

SKU: BE-014, LP- $24

Masayuki Takayanagi was one of the truly iconoclastic musicians to emerge from Japan, or anywhere else, in the 20th Century. Though he won acclaim in the 1950’s and 60’s as a master of the electric guitar and jazz improvisation, Takayanagi was a restless spirit, deeply engaged with the era's new movements in contemporary art, music, literature and philosophy. His work, beginning in the late 1960’s placed him on the leading edge of these developments; he began expanding on the most radical elements of American and European free jazz, infusing them with the raw feedback and dissonance of electronic and avant-garde music. With his various “New Direction” groups, Takayanagi broke free of traditional structures and developed a new theory of music that embraced an aggressive and unrelenting style of playing that has remained almost completely unparalleled in its ferocity.


Of all the albums to be released during Takayanagi's lifetime, 1975’s Eclipse was perhaps the most enigmatic and sought after. Released in an edition of only 100, it almost immediately disappeared and became a Holy Grail for Japanese connoisseurs of adventurous music, and rightly so. It’s first side contained a two part realization of Takayanagi’s “Gradually Projection” modality – a searching interplay between instruments- slowly emerging from a sparse open field and building with the tension of a looming thunder storm. The second side contains an epic performance of a “Mass Projection”, a high energy, densely layered barrage of sound that in its 25 minutes, never once slackens its intensity. It would be another 31 years before this key album in Takayangi’s oeuvre would finally have a (slightly) wider audience through a CD release by Japan's P.S.F. Records.


Black Editions is proud to present a deluxe vinyl edition of this masterwork, revealingly remastered from the original tapes by Elysian Masters. The album is packaged in a heavy double tip-on gatefold jacket that pays tribute to the original handmade packaging and features a previously unseen studio photograph of Takayanagi by Tatsuo Minami.

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