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A Handful of Dust: Live at Lines of Flight 2019

Up now on the Black Editions YouTube Channel the final performance by A Handful of Dust as trio: Bruce Russell, Alastair Galbraith and Peter Stapleton.

Dedicated to the memory of Peter Stapleton (1954-2020)

A Handful of Dust - Lines of Flight Festival , March 22, 2019, Pioneer Hall, Port Chalmers, N.Z.

Alastair Galbraith - Violin, Electronics

Peter Stapleton - Drums, Percussion

Bruce Russell - Guitar, Electronics

Filmed by Phoebe Mackenzie

Edited by Andrea Sisson

Audio mixed and mastered by Forbes Williams & Alastair Galbraith

Available Now:

A Handful of Dust

Dragging Her Wings of Rusty Knives: Recordings 1994-2016

Deluxe 2 LP w/ Download Purchase Here


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