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Side 1 

i. The mirror of simple souls (luxury length) (edited version on b-side of 1994 Siltbreeze 7”) 
ii. Sefer yetsirah: the book of creation (previously unreleased)
Side 2
iii. The Ash-Wednesday (previously unreleased)
iv. The bad days will end14:27 (from Panegyric, 2008)
Side 3
v. Building a tower of cinnamon (previously unreleased)
vi. Two rivers of Granada (tears and blood) (previously unreleased)
Side 4
vii - x. Dialogues with the dead 1-4 (previously unreleased)

Alastair Galbraith: Violin, Guitar, Clavioline, Glass Harmonica, Keyboard
Bruce Russell: Guitar, Farfisa, Clavioline
Peter Stapelton: Percussion (1i, 2iii)

Mastered by Lasse Marhaug
Vinyl Mastering by JJ Golden, Golden Mastering
Painting "Fear of a Red Planet" by Jason Grieg


A Handful of Dust

Dragging Her Wings of Rusty Knives:
Recordings 1994-2016

Deluxe 2 LP w/ Download

Housed in custom "Corpus Hermeticum" inspired fold-out sleeve with spot finishes, metallic inks and printed inner sleeves.   

SKU: TW-N,  2LP- $25

A Handful of Dust was founded over three decades ago by two giants of the New Zealand underground, Bruce Russell (The Dead C, Xpressway, Corpus Hermeticum) and Alastair Galbraith (Plagal Grind, The Rip). Declaring their raison d’être in the now infamous Free Noise Manifesto the group has advanced a radical aesthetic;

i) Being beyond “music,” it is noise.
ii) Being beyond “rules,” it is free.

Rejecting any notion of structure or comfort they’ve ground music to it’s sub-elemental parts. A scraping and howling electricity, spontaneous, unrestrained, physical.
Dragging Her Wings of Rusty Knives contains expanded and unreleased works spanning the group’s history including their first studio recordings since 1995 and new writings, a late coda to The Journal of Vain Erudition, Logopandocy.

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