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Side A: Alnitak - Left handed triple star system sunset tones. Ascending tritones responding to descending tritones balance each other into pure matter.

Side B: Alnilam - Center star tones capture blue supergiant gravitational forces. Hyper luminosity touched with the faintest eldritch whistle for those willing to open dreams to possible extra-dimensional contact.

Side C: Mintaka - Right handed equatorial tones circumambulate the universal exhale. Getting closer to the celestial sunrise. Tones for preparation inside of the dream.

Side D: Messier 42 - Entirety of the celestial body for creation aspects, collapsed into vertical time. Tones created for creation and cryogenic rest. 


All sounds by Ben Chasny
Mastered by Chuck Johnson
Astro and Sky Photography by Joram Young
Design by SEEN Studios
Thank you Steve Lowenthal, Joram and Rob


Six Organs of Admittance

Sleep Tones

Deluxe 2LP gatefold edition with spot UV Gloss

Pressed to high quality vinyl at RTI.

Release Date: September 15, 2023 / LP - $35

Also available as specially priced bundle with Arian Shafiee's Engines in Unity LP - $50

Six Organs of Admittance takes listeners through an extended narcoleptic journey on Sleep Tones, an all-electronic double album of new ambient work. Mastered by VDSQ labelmate Chuck Johnson, Sleep Tones was made with a specific effect in mind. These new sounds from the Six Organs universe represent an essential creative shift from one of the great guitarists of the 21st century, showcasing his ever-evolving palate. An antidote to modern overload, Sleep Tones provides a welcome stasis. In its physical manifestation, each side of Sleep Tones ends with a locked groove in case of dream state, with no fear of a needle sliding outside the set mood. These sounds lull through speakers and headphones, creating ideal conditions for consciousness drift.

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