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1 of 9 Inserts

1 of 9 Inserts

1 of 9 Inserts

1 of 9 Inserts

TW-LR2: Nedelle Torrisi / Paradise 
"I Love Thousands Every Summer b/w Psychic Returns"

Deluxe 7" Vinyl w/ Download 

9 full color 7" x 7" inserts housed in letterpressed vellum envelope.


Includes download of 8 Song "Paradise in Piano" E.P.

Vocal and Piano Versions

The Perfect Timing / I Love Thousands Every Summer / Fool Boy

Double Horizon / Cathartica / Can't Wait / Psychic Returns / Don't Play Dumb


Written and Sung by Nedelle Torrisi


Produced and Played by Kenneth Gilmore

Mixed by Griffin Rodriguez
Vinyl Mastering by Pete Lyman at Infrasonic Sound
Photography: Boru O’Brien O’Connell
Lettering: Ben Wolf Noam
Layout: Cari Carmean and Peter Kolovos
Letterpress: William Stangeland



Video for Psychic Returns:

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