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TW-I: Peter Kolovos

"Black Colors" 3 LP w/ Digital Download

3 x 180 Gram Vinyl w/ Digital Download Included
Full Color Heavy Tip-On Slipcase & 3 Full Color Jackets


Six sides, indeterminate order, 720 Sequences
Titles: What Stun's the Sky, Cold Pink Cloud, Softer Light, the Black Lands, Lost Eras,
Tusk then Tusk(s), More Time, Return Backwards, Soft Silhouettes, White Selector,
The Black Selector, Black Plates / Black Face, Old Blood / Other Names

Music, Production, Design: Peter Kolovos
Photography: Zoe Crosher
Mastering: Rashad Becker, D&M Berlin, Pressed at Pallas, Germany 


" I can’t think of anything else like his shapeshifting mélange of guitar noise, which sounds simultaneously like rock riffing, abstract aggression, electronic sculpture and minimalist exercise.

Kolovos achieves this mix completely by improvisation… he claims to plan nothing in advance…the resulting patterns are so fluid, often seeming to change from one listen to the next. But once you’ve grasped them, the permutations are like pathways in a maze rather than deceptive mirages… he fuses such connected sounds without shackling them to each other.

Gradually the broad strokes behind behind his splatter become clear, the way obscured objects sharpen as your pupil widen. In the process, the music seems to slow and time begins to freeze." 
                                                           - Marc Masters, The Wire Magazine U.K.


"Staggering deluxe 3x180-g vinyl box set, mastered at 45rpm for maximum disruption, documenting Peter Kolovos’s massively a-formal solo guitar innovations: Kolovos was a member of Open City and his last outing, New Bodies, pretty much took the ears off everyone that heard it. Bruce Russell of The Dead C has been a major booster and indeed last time I saw him ‘at home’ he was clutching this massive set to his breast and beaming like he had just got an autographed single from Toerag. Kolovos plays the guitar with virtually nada in terms of pre-established technique. He slashes into awkward chords, he tears at the guts of the guitar, he unwinds sheets of metal feedback from it, all the while emphasising its primary identity as a conductor of electricity. There are aspects of previous string-thinkers – Ray Russell’s devastating attack, Sonny Sharrock, Keiji Haino, Donald Miller, even Robert Quine circa “Waves Of Fear” – but it’s hard to think of anyone who has so convincingly disassembled the entire goddamn instrument with this kind of bloody-minded intent. Think Keiji Haino plays Love Cry Want as re-edited by Bruce Russell or the run-out jam from Blue Cheer’s Second Time Around endlessly dissected over six sides of goddamn vinyl and you have the kinda deal that VT dreams are made of. Absolutely barbaric electrified free rock with little parallel or comparison. Stunningly presented in a deluxe heavy duty/glossy tip-on box with three LPs with their own glossy sleeves.

Very highly recommended."                                                  - Volcanic Tongue

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