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Side A: Cease the Four Winds


Side B: The Endless Case for Gravity


Side C: Forever in True Core


Side D: A Termination of Baleful Sunsets


Michael Morley: 12-String Acoustic Guitar

Recorded December 8, 2016 at My Pit / Pacific Heights,

Port Chalmers, New Zealand


Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk, Stereophonic Mastering
Vinyl Mastering by Chris Noel, Elysian Masters

Artwork by Michael Morley with Peter Kolovos


Michael Morley

Heavens Idleness Awaits

Deluxe 2 LP w/ Download

Housed in heavy tip-on gatefold jacket and full color inner sleeves with gloss silkscreen overprinting.   

SKU: TW-M,  2LP- $25

Michael Morley has long been acclaimed for his electric guitar and electronic forays in New Zealand’s legendary The Dead C and Gate. On Heavens Idleness Awaits he strips his music to its most elemental state. Recorded at home and using only a single tracked 12-string acoustic guitar, Morley creates an intimate and intensely meditative work. Over four side-long tracks, he weaves hypnotic melodic figures that slowly unfurl to reveal a minimalist masterwork and one of his most powerful statements to date.

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