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Psychedelic Speed Freaks is a new power trio led by Munehiro Narita, founding member of Japan's legendary High Rise and easily one of the wildest, most original guitarists in rock history. Blazing in total hyper-saturated glory, Psychedelic Speed Freaks centers on the raw, unrelenting attack of Narita’s "motorcycle fuzztone guitar" and a rhythm section driven by a pair of untamed L.A. acid punks. Recorded deep in-the-red and punched into overdrive, Psychedelic Speed Freaks is a full-throttle adrenaline shot into the 21st Century.


Deluxe Edition housed in heavy tip-on jacket featuring silver foil printing and embossed paper. Includes metallic printed insert.
Pressed to high quality vinyl at RTI; Digital download included.

released April 12, 2019


Words - Jasso
Music and Arrangement - Psychedelic Speed Freaks
Recording Engineer - Toshi Kasai
Mixing Engineer - Munehiro Narita
Mastering - Timothy Stollenwerk
Vinyl Mastering - Infrasonic Sound
Art Direction - Munehiro Narita
Photography - Anna Aguirre

Produced by Munehiro Narita

Psychedelic Speed Freaks - Psychedelic Speed Freaks

SKU: BE-1003 / LP w/ Download
  • Personnel and Track Listing

    Psychedelic Speed Freaks
    Munehiro Narita – Motorcycle Fuzztone Guitar
    Jasso – Bass, Vocals
    TJ – Drums


    Side A
    1. Redline
    2. Lawless
    3. Bedlam


    Side B 
    4. End Your Worries
    5. Night Seer
    6. Immaterialized

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