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Kazuo Imai is one of the few artists to traverse both Japan's early avant-garde and free jazz movements. Though he began performing in the 1970's, his 2004 P.S.F. album "far and wee" was only the second under his name. In a series of thrilling acoustic guitar improvisations - Imai's playing crackles with dynamic tension and physicality as well as a subtlety and nuance that reveals him as one of the instrument's true masters and innovators. 


Newly mixed and remastered, available for the first time ever on vinyl.


Artist: Kazuo Imai
Title: Far and Wee 
2-B     8:53
3        7:49
4        6:53
5        5:31
6        6:17
9-AB  5:25

Kazuo Imai: guitar, chair

All music by Kazuo Imai
Live recording by Takeshi Yoshida, April 24, 2004
at Plan B “Kazuo Imai SOLOWORKS Vol. 41”
Mixed and mastered by Takeshi Yoshida
Produced by Hideo Ikeezumi
Design by Kazuo Imai



Kazuo Imai "far and wee" LP

SKU: BE-011/155 LP
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