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On While Whirling, French-Japanese violist Frantz Loriot unleashes the essence of the viola as an explosive force. Pushing the instrument to extremes, he ceaselessly explores its most subtle and unexpected sonorities. From a single acoustic string instrument, he miraculously teases and evokes hallucinatory impressions of harpsichords pounded, bells struck, electronics cracked, dirt shoveled; Loriot has created a unique, personal music filled with moments of textured transcendence and tension-filled tenderness.

Frantz Loriot—While Whirling Deluxe LP


    SA1- the world lifts the heart
    SA2- while whirling
    SA3- through westless rains
    SA4- on the lawns of insomnia
    SB1- a throbbing whisper
    SB2- smiling with unseen weight
    SB3- those exiled belongings
    SB4- of many others whirling


    All music by Frantz Loriot, Viola

    Artwork by Mark Younkle
    Album and track title poem by Eliot Cardinaux

    Recorded and Mixed by Philipp Schaufelberger in Zürich, Switzerland
    Mastered by Kevin Gray, Cohearent Audio

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