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What Lasts in What is Lasting

Jean‐Luc Guionnet (Saxophone) & Lotus Eddé Khouri (Dance) Live in Los Angeles

On the release of Jean-­Luc Guionnet's L'épaisseur de l'air 2LP on Thin Wrist Recordings we present a performance film of his long running collaboration with Lotus Eddé Khouri. Their Saxophone / Dance collaboration has been a unique extension of each of their wide ranging artistic practices.

Below is how the artists in their own words describe their work together.

—What lasts in what is lasting —

(ce qui dure dans ce qui dure )

Jean-­‐Luc Guionnet & Lotus Eddé Khouri

Saxophone / Dance

Flexible duration

Our  main  task  is  first  to  find  a  common  state  that  we  call  "OFF".  From  this  state,  will  come some decisions that strongly depend on the situation — colors, animals, audience, architecture,  health,  background  noise...  Then,  what  happens  has  more  strategic  reasons than physical or organic ones : here is what we call "ON". On one hand, we try not  to  be  afraid  of  the  void,  on  the  other  hand,  the  form  that  raises can  drive  us  to  exhaustion even if it is very short. Like two miniaturists, we seek space and room in the slightest corner of time. OFF & ON are both of full action.

Jean-­‐Luc Guionnet's solo saxophone debut L'épaisseur de l'air is now available from Thin Wrist Recordings / Black Editions Group.



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