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TW-Hd: Upsilon Acrux "Radian Futura" LP

180 Gram Vinyl Embossed, Full Color Heavy Tip-On Cover 


Tracks: A1. In-a-gadda-devito / A2. Landscape with Gun and Chandelier
A3. Keeping Rice Evil / A4. The Infinitesimal Fractions of Ping & Pong 
A5/B1. Transparent Seas / B2. Prelude to Forshadow’n


Phil Cobb: Keyboards
Paul Lai: Guitar
Chris Meszler: Drums
David Moeggenberg: Guitar
Marty Sataman: Bass


Recorded and Mixed by Pete Lyman at Infrasonic Sound
Mastering by Brad Blackwood and Pete Lyman
Front painting by Rob Sato, Back by Allison Schulnik

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