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TW-A:  Open City Self Titled

LP w/ Silk Screened Gatefold Cover and Insert

Side A - 1. (6:58) 2. (12:24)
Side B - 3. (13:04) 4. (3:56) 5. (3:45)



Peter Kolovos - Guitar and Amplifier
Doug Russell - Guitar and Amplifier







The original duo configuration, their first album recorded live in Los Angeles during the summer of '97 - a deep organic group sound that began in 1986 and has only recently been heard outside of select CA villas, bungalows,and garages. Building/breaking buzz, drone, layered strings and tones, with staggered abstract rhythms throughout -- entirely free improvised and electric -- no over-dbs, no synths. Using a five stringed mexi-caster and an Epiphone-les guitar recorded live to two-tracks through an LAPD-auctioned 4-trk. Straight to the capitalist head, out of the latent CA free-drone under-ground.

"It's quite a loaded name to take on, but Open City isn't basing itself on Italian neorealist film nor on literary journal publications. Beautifully packaged in a gatefold, hand silkscreened jacket, the record collects five free improv sessions by two guitarists who slide between droning feedback noise and abrasive strumming feedback noise. It's a wonderful squeal as the duo plays 
as much against themselves as each other. There's something about the murky depths of abstraction that only a properly distorted guitar can achieve."

Badaboom Gramophone, Issue Number 5

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