The Unwinkled Ear, Black Editions and Last Visible Dog present two evenings in Los Angeles with iconic Austrian improviser and composer Radu Malfatti.

Night 1: Friday November 29th at EDGAR Gallery

Radu Malfatti - Bass Harmonica solo

Patrick Shiroishi - Tenor Saxophone solo, performing Malfatti's "benkyou"

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$11 Students, $15 Regular, $20 SPECIAL PRICE for both shows.

Night 2: Saturday November 30th at EDGAR Gallery

Radu Malfatti/ Ang Wilson/ Laura Steenberge


World premiere trio improvisation on bass harmonica, modular synth and viola de gamba

Erika Bell - gyrations: cool, red, grey (world premiere)

Ang Wilson / Laura Steenberge  
Two solos (setting the tone)

Purchase Tickets

$11 Students, $15 Regular, $20 SPECIAL PRICE for both shows.


EDGAR Gallery:

1923 S. Santa Fe. Ave. Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90021

Radu Malfatti is one of the most thoughtful musicians to have emerged from the first days of improvised music. He cut his teeth in the early 70s playing with Paul Lovens, Peter Kowald, Irène Schweizer, Misha Mengelberg, Derek Bailey and every pioneer in the field. He spent significant time in London collaborating with all the South African expats, especially Louis Moholo-Moholo and the Brotherhood of Breath. His music slowly changed into a deeply focussed attention to sound in both its physical properties and its environmental context. If Pauline Oliveros inaugaurated Deep Listening, it can be said that he started Deep Performing.
Since 1981 he has been intensively involved in composing and in 1994 joined the recently-formed composer group Wandelweiser.
How he describes himself:
16thdecember 1943 born in innsbruck
1965-70 looked for the Academy of Music Graz
studied with eje thelin
spoke with sonny rollins
drank coffee with luigi nono
likes to play tennis with doris
read a lot, forgot everything

Patrick Shiroishi is the hardest-working man in LA's experimental music community. He drones, he textures, he gestures, he squawks, he pitter-pats; most importantly, he always plays with grace. For this performance he will be playing Malfatti's "benk you," a piece written for him at the request of The Unwrinkled Ear.

Erika Bell is an LA-based composer whose works range from technological exploitation to mystical calmative. Tonight's performance will be its premiere. Her work comes from a place of intuition, preference, and the personal, with an emphasis on exploring the timbre of sonic realms. "In my work I explore how to accentuate what is naturally inherent to the sonic world of a material or space, experimenting with different ways to access what it may have to offer." Her work is lightly focused on textural construction, irregular ensemble groupings, and a structure-based approach.

Laura Steenberge's current interests are background music, repetition, nonsense, soft chords and scratchy chords, tubes, bards, paper, chant, melodic borrowing, birds, orality vs. literacy, bells. She plays viola da gamba, contrabass, piano, guitar, harmonica, voice, invented instruments, some trumpet and fipple flute. She is interested in how nonsense relates to the boundaries of knowledge, and is influenced by folk music, psycholinguistics, acoustics and medieval Byzantine chant.

Angela Frances Wilson is a Los Angeles born composer, with a practice built at the intersection of healing, art, and improvisational music. Using modern digital and analog mediums, they investigate modes of perception, and the impact of hybrid space.

Ang is releasing & performing accessible music in the U.S., France, and Indonesia, both as an improviser, and under the moniker Teasips. As Electric Sound Bath, Brian Griffith & Ang offer sonic aid through monthly sound bath residencies at the SIlverlake JCC, Hyperslow, and Kinship Yoga.

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