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Is this a reflection of the world determined by some formula? 

Or a nebulous report, a product of complex entanglement between apathy and anonymous malice?

After the break-up of legendary psychedelic rock band White Heaven and The Stars, You Ishihara as of late has been active as You Ishihara with Friends. For Ishihara, known as the sound producer for "Yura Yura Teikoku”, “Boris” and "Ogre You Asshole", this will be his first solo album in 23 years.


Released by ZELONE RECORDS Japan

Special Limited LP Edition: Clear vinyl with laser etching, jacket with clear plastic art work - $32

Limited CD Edition with cleaer plastic cover- $18

The music and song seem distant, in the background amidst the bustle of the city, neither ambient nor avantgarde. But nothing mellow either. Music that is sensual, never before captured, a conceptual work depicting the detachment between the music (Ishihara) and the World.

Ishihara is supported by Michio Kurihara who has been with Ishihara throughout White Heaven and The Stars, along with Tomohiro Kitada and Tatsuhisa Yamamoto, and Soichiro Nakamura, another alumni of White Heaven, who also engineers the record.

Artwork concept by You Ishihara and realized by Shintaro Sakamoto.
LP is on clear vinyl with laser etching in a clear plastic cover. 

CD is housed in a paper sleeve with a clear plastic cover that can be layered with the front cover to show morning, or with the back cover to show dusk.

A definite centerpiece in the 2020 music scene.

You Ishihara- "Formula" Limited Import LP / CD