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Side A:

The Man In The Well

A Little Anatomy of the Physical Unconsciousnesses (for Davey Williams)

Leonora in the Morning

Side B: 

There's A Dance In The Old Dame Yet (for our beloved Squeaky Frome)

A Pseudoragasque Pavanne (for Jack Rose)

For I Am A Cat Of The Devil I Am
         (or Variations upon "A Spoonful Blues" by Charlie Patton)


Donald Miller: 12-string Guild guitar solo


Recorded and mixed at Christopher Robert's home studio New Orleans, LA

Spring and Summer of 2017


Front Cover by Cree McCree, Arrangement by Donald Miller

Inner art collages by Donald Miller
Design by Rob Carmichael, SEEN


Donald Miller

Deluxe LP

Heavy Tip-On Jacket with metallic ink and Spot Gloss Varnish.
Pressed to high quality vinyl at RTI.

SKU: VDSQ-028, LP- $20

On Transgression!!!, Donald Miller, guitar icon known for destroying worlds in the great Borbetomagus, takes the listener on an unexpected journey through the 12-string acoustic guitar. Utilizing his occult kinetic picking style, Miller reveals undiscovered universes with nothing but a slide and a spell to guide us.


Playing a blues that bristles against structure while transmitting ineffable mastery, Transgression!!! is a modern guitar album like no other. Recorded in his current city, New Orleans, the album is the first to feature Miller playing in a more traditional style than either his group work or prior solo releases. For an artist known for exploring fantastic depths of the deepest abstractions, Transgression!!! is a mystifying journey toward structure that glows with the musician’s signature intent.

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